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We will show you how to sign up with PayDotCom, which represents 8,000 + companies. We will also show you how to get pay tracking links to put into your blog articles.

Which Companies You Will Be Working With
This administrative account we will have you sign up with is PayDotCom.com. Just to clarify things, their name is PayDotCom.com NOT Pay.com. This is a common mistake when it comes time to login and start working. PayDotCom.com has thousands of companies that offer digitally-delivered products just like Clickbank.

You will also use your PayDotCom account if you wish to promote our Web site (WebColleagues). Follow our step-by-step instructions for sign-up, and you will be ready for the next step in our training.

How You Will be Paid
PayDotcom.com represents over 8,000 Web-based companies. Each company in PayDotCom's data base will pay you separately, and each company's pay dates are different. You will be paid the month after you have earned money. As an example, if you earned $3000 in May, then you would be paid all your earnings in June.

Since every company pays on different days, you could potentially get paid on every day of the month. As an example, if you earned $3000 from 30 different companies in May, and all paid a different day, you could get paid $100 every day in June.

Most of these companies only pay through PayPal, although some will pay you by check. We suggest getting paid through PayPal if possible; this assures quick payment, with no chance of checks getting lost in the mail.

If you wish to promote our company (WebColleagues), we will pay you on the 15th of every month through your PayDotCom admin account. We also will use PayDotCom to track your earnings. We will  pay through PayPal. Moneybookers, Payza, or OkPay.

How It Works
Every time someone clicks on your special affiliate promotion URL and makes a purchase, you get paid the pre-set commission for each of the companies you select. You can select any of the 8,000 PayDotCom companies you choose by simply reading the company's offer, you may and select that company by clicking on the special button "PROMOTE"  while logged into your PayDotCom.com account.

You are then automatically approved by being assigned the special link you will need to put into your blog articles like we show you exactly how to do in Creating Blog Articles Part 1.

To begin the sign up process with PayDotCom

Click on the"SIGN UP" button at the top of the page and you will be brought to this page:

We have made sign up notes in the green text to assist you in the sign up.

The first section will be the

General Account Information:
Your Primary Email: Enter your email address.

Username: Choose a username/nickname for your PayDotCom account. This name will be used in your promotion links so make it professional looking. Example, if your name was Jerry Smith, you could choose a username such as "jsmith15."

You don't need to use your real name in the username as you can choose any name you want.

Password: Choose a password of your choice, and then re-enter it to confirm.

Personal Information:
Name: Enter your first and last name here.

Business Name: You can leave this blank unless you do use a separate business name.

Make Checks Payable To: Enter the name you want your paychecks made out to. This will be important if you request to have your payments sent by check instead of PayPal.

Address: This will be your street address such as "5555 Broadway st." as an example.

City: Enter your city here.

State/Province/Region: Enter the state or province, or region  you live in.

Postal Code/Zip Code: Enter your postal or zip code here.

Country: Select your country from the drop down menu. It is important to select the country you live in for tax reasons.

Phone Number: Enter your phone number including country code here.

Social Security or Tax ID Number: This is ONLY FOR U.S. Members. You can enter your SSN or EIN here, then enter it again to confirm it is correct.

Payment Processor Information:
PayPal Email: Enter the email address you used for your PayPal account here. If you don't have a PayPal account, then simply enter your the same email you used for your primary email address. Make sure you double check that you are entering the correct PayPal email as this could cause delays in you payment if it is not correct.

Promotion Code: Leave blank.

Vendors (For my product sales): This section doesn't pertain to you. This is for the companies that list their products or service on PayDotCom.

Affiliates (For promotions of others): This section is for you. You can select to be paid by Paypal,  or both PayPal and Check. You need to always leave PayPal checked in this section as it is required for sign up.

Make sure to check off the "Agree to Terms"

Human Verification:
You will need to enter the human captcha verification code.

When everything is filled out on the page, click the "Start making money today with PayDotCom!" button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you click the sign up button you will be brought to a sales page from PayDotCom, Close that out as you don't need to listen to the sales pitch or buy anything additional.

After you close that out you can then log into your account. 

Your PayDotCom.com account

After you login to your your PayDotCom account for the first time, you may be brought to another sales page, just scroll to the bottom of that page and click on the "I Am Not Interested In The Training... Please Take Me To The Members Area"

You will not have to go through that again after the first time you login to your PayDotCom account.

Your PayDotCom main account page will look like this:

One of the confusing things about PayDotCom accounts is that both Affiliates (You) and Vendors (The companies listing their products or services for you to make money) both share the same PayDotCom members account.

Why this is confusing is because you will see many features in your PayDotCom account that will not pertain to you. So to make it easy we will ONLY mention what in your PayDotCom account to be concerned about as an affiliate making money.

The ONLY account buttons and features you will need to worry about are:

A. MY SALES  Here is where you can get detailed reports on your earnings from each company
for any particular time. You can select from different reports. Just make sure you
select the "Affiliate" sales reports. The best report to get details of each earning is
to select the "Hyper Report,"
B. PROMOTE PRODUCTS  When it comes time to choose any of the thousands of companies to promote, you
will choose this option.
C. AFFILIATE SALES  Here you can get a quick view of your earning for "Today," "Last 7 Days," and "Last 30
D. MEMBERSHIP FREE  Something that confuses new members about the "Premier Membership" option in
your PayDotCom account is that this is for companies ONLY. YOU DO NOT NEED TO
because you are an affiliate, not a company promoting on PayDotCom.

If you click on anything than what is mentioned above you will only be confused. So we suggest to just use the mentioned features mentioned above to avoid confusion in your PayDotCom account.

You will never need to worry about the "MY PRODUCTS," "MANAGE AFFILIATES," or any of the "MAKE PAYMENT" features of your PayDotCom account. These are all for companies/vendors that are promoting their own products/services on PayDotCom's marketplace.

And you will not need to worry about the "PROMOTION CENTER" button either. This is only if you want to promote PayDotCom.com, which is not required.

Always check for messages in your INBOX. Here is where the companies will contact you in regards to your promotions, payments, and incentives.

How to select companies to promote on PayDotCom.com
Always be sure you are logged into your PayDotCom.com account when you want to get promotion links for any of PayDotCom's companies.

After you have logged into your account, click on the "PROMOTE PRODUCTS,"

Then the select sub-menu "FROM MARKETPLACE."

Here is where you click to start promoting PayDotCom Companies:

On the Marketplace page you will be able to locate any of the thousands of companies using two methods:

A. Search: You can search for a particular company by name, or by the type of product they are selling, e.g., "Work from Home," "Internet TV," "iPad," "Diet," etc.

Product Category:  You can select companies by a particular category, such as: "Computing & Internet," "Money & Employment," "Health & Fitness," etc.

For training purposes we will use the search box.  We are going to type a search for a  "Web Colleagues."

After you type a search for "Web Colleagues" in the search box, the following page will be displayed:

Company's Title and Sale Price:  Here you see a brief description of the company, as well as the amount this company charges for their product or service.

Pay Level and Commission Percentage:  You will be considered "Level 1" and the amount shown for Level 1 is the percentage amount you will make for every sale your promotion provides. In our example company above you would make 60% of the $47.00 for every sale your promotion produces. So for this company you would make approximately $28.00 for every commission. Every company will offer different amounts of commissions; the usual amount is about 50% or more.

C. Vendor Information Bar: In this section you can get the following:

See More Info - This is a general overview of the vendor's product.

Promote -
When you decide to promote a company, you will click on this "PROMOTE" button to retrieve your special affiliate promotion link that are needed to add into your promotion postings or blog(s).

This will be the link you place into all of your promotions and blog(s) that will assure you get credit for commissions.

Visit Sales Page -  If you would like to visit the company's Web site before deciding to promote them, you can do so by selecting the "Visit Sales Page" button.

View Vendors Profile - If you would like to see information about the person or company that will be paying you, this is where you can see their information, as well as for any other companies listed on PayDotCom.

Contact Vendor -  If you have any questions you would like to ask the company/vendor, you can do so by clicking on the "Contact Vendor" option. Also if you are owed a payment this is where you would contact the vendor to inquire about payments.

Don't contact PayDotCom as they can't help you with payments from vendor. You can contact PayDotCom to complain if you never receive a payment from a vendor and that vendor will be removed from the program.

Most of these companies will approve you automatically. There are a few companies that will manually approve you, and they will send you notification of approval through the "Inbox" of your PayDotCom account.

Getting special affiliate promotion links for the companies you select
For our training purposes, we will have you pick up where you left off. We will use the "Web Colleagues  company we were working with previously. To get your affiliate promotion link for this company you will click on the "PROMOTE" button and you will be at this page:

NOTE:  You will NOT need to "Create New Campaigns" for each site you promote in PayDotCom. The reason is that you will only be using a few promotion methods. Only if you use all the promotion methods provided by vendor is when you can create separate campaigns to track each promotion method.

A. Campaign Stats - Once you have posted your link from this vendor for promotion, you can track how many visits (clicks) as well as sales you are getting for this campaign. Look at the "Unique Visits" not the the "Raw Clicks" as the raw clicks are not accurate.

B. Just The Link - This will be the most important thing to learn. This is the affiliate promotion link you will need in all of your promotion methods.

You will find your promotion link on this page under the section that says "Just the link."

You will need to copy the complete link including the "https://" So, as for our example, our promotion link is:

(The "YourAffiliateName" in the promotion link will be replaced with YOUR PayDotCom username/nickname.)

Here is a breakdown of what a Affiliate Promotion Link contains:


PUBLISHER #: This is the unique code for the company you are promoting. This is how PayDotCom will track your promoting efforts for any of the companies you promote. The affiliate promotion links you create for each company will have different Publisher #s.

AFFILIATE:  You are the affiliate, and you will use your Nickname that your PayDotCom account is named (same one you used to sign up with). So when you create a sale, that it how it will be tracked back to your PayDotCom account. This will always be the same when you create an affiliate promotion link with PayDotCom.

CODE#: This is a code not relevant to track your promotions, it is an internal code only used by PayDotCom.

Example of completed affiliate promotion link
So if your PayDotCom nickname is "sestv," and the PayDotCom company's publisher ID # was "7599," (as we used in our example above) then the complete PayDotCom affiliate promotion link would look like this:

C. Banners and Images - Here you can get promotion banners or images for your blogs. Just copy the code provided and place in your blog and you will get paid for every sale your banner makes.

Other Promotion Methods
There are other promotion methods that may be available on this promotion page. Only if the vendor provides the additional promotion methods will they be available. You can look through the page to see if there are any good promotion material provided that may help you with your promotions.

Some good promotion methods to look at if provided by vendor are the Email Letters, Safelist Letters, Articles, and Email Signatures. You may be able to use some of these in your postings or blogs to earn money.

Best PayDotCom Companies to Promote

APS FACTOR - One factor many may look at is the "APS" for each company. What the APS means is "Affiliate Power Score." The APS is not a big factor in determining a good company to promote.

Thought the higher APS means that the company is good, it should not be the only factor you use to choose to promote.

However, if it comes down to deciding between a few companies in a certain category, then you can choose the company with a higher APS to make your decision.

The reason we don't put too much emphasis on the APS is that there are many good companies with a lower APS that may be new to PayDotCom and have not established their APS. It really comes down to your own preference on who you want to promote.

PARTNER COMPANIES TO PROMOTE (Optional) - We will show you some good companies that you can promote in PayDotCom. We will also show you how to promote our company from PayDotCom so you can earn money referring people to our great program. You are not required to promote our company in order to make money, but we do offer it as an option.

In addition to the thousands of companies to promote in PayDotCom.com, we currently have other great companies that are exclusive for you to work with that have partnered with our team directly.

All of the companies we list below will make payments for your earnings by any of the following:
1. PayPal
2. Moneybookers
3. Payza
4. OKPay

With all the above payment methods these will cover almost every country in the world.

PROMOTING OUR PROGRAM (Optional) - Here is where you will have the opportunity to promote our company if you choose. Promoting our program is 100% optional and not required.  You will find that our program pays very well, because people are actually getting something for their money.

Our company will make payments for your earnings by any of the following:
1. PayPal
2. Moneybookers
3. Payza
4. OKPay

As we have shown you that you can use the APS on the companies in PayDotCom and we will list some good companies for you to promote from PayDotCom we partner with here.

The links are ready to go, just copy the affiliate pay code link we provide for each company, then replace the red text "yourpaydotcomname" in every link to YOUR Paydotcom username.

These affiliate pay code links we provide will not be active until you place YOUR PayDotCom username in the link.

Here is a list of some good PayDotCom companies for you to promote, complete with  payouts, and any needed information as well as links to each of the sites for you to check out for yourself. 



Web Colleagues Home Typing Business       

Pay: $27.60 for every successful conversion  
Click Here to Visit Website
Your Pay Code Link:


(Replace the "yourpaydotcomname" with your Paydotcom Username)



  Work-at-Home Jobs Partner Program             
Pay: $28.16 for every successful conversion 
Click Here to Visit Website

Your Pay Code Link:


(Replace the "yourpaydotcomname" with your Paydotcom Username)



Home Data Entry by Executive Processors

Pay: $26.40 for every successful conversion  
Click Here to Visit Website
Your Pay Code Link:


(Replace the "yourpaydotcomname" with your Paydotcom Username)



  My-Data-Team's Global-Data-Entry Program    
Pay: $23.48 for every successful conversion 
Click Here to Visit Website 

Your Pay Code Link:


(Replace the "yourpaydotcomname" with your Paydotcom Username)


   Home Commuter's - Home Jobs Training
Pay: $25.20 for every successful conversion  
Click Here to Visit Website
Your Pay Code Link:


(Replace the "yourpaydotcomname" with your Paydotcom Username)



  Online-Data-Entry - Jobs by Laura Kauth   
Pay: $28.17 for every successful conversion  
Click Here to Visit Website

Your Pay Code Link:


(Replace the "yourpaydotcomname" with your Paydotcom Username)



  Online Paid Surveys - Paid For Your Opinion
Pay: $21.10 for every successful conversion
Click Here to Visit Website 

Your Pay Code Link:


(Replace the "yourpaydotcomname" with your Paydotcom Username)




Profit Articles - Content Article Typing Program     

Pay: $27.60 for every successful conversion 
Click Here to Visit Website
Your Pay Code Link:


(Replace the "yourpaydotcomname" with your Paydotcom Username)




Make Money With a Traffic Loophole on Facebook

Pay: $25.78 for every successful conversion 
Click Here to Visit Website
Your Pay Code Link:


(Replace the "yourpaydotcomname" with your Paydotcom Username)



  Make Money on eBay on Other People's Listings 

Pay: $18.12 for every successful conversion 
Click Here to Visit Website

Your Pay Code Link:


(Replace the "yourpaydotcomname" with your Paydotcom Username)


  Internet Home Business - Domain Name Investing
Pay: $16.40 for every successful conversion 
Click Here to Visit Website

Your Pay Code Link:


(Replace the "yourpaydotcomname" with your Paydotcom Username)


  Expired Domain Name Search Software               
Pay: $12.97 for every successful conversion
Click Here to Visit Website 

Your Pay Code Link:


(Replace the "yourpaydotcomname" with your Paydotcom Username)



  Direct Pctv - 9,000 TV Channels Live!          
Pay: $25.14 for every successful conversion
Click Here to Visit Website 

Your Pay Code Link:


(Replace the "yourpaydotcomname" with your Paydotcom Username)



Watch TV on PC's 12,000 TV Channels Live!

Pay: $28.17 for every successful conversion  
Click Here to Visit Website
Your Pay Code Link:


(Replace the "yourpaydotcomname" with your Paydotcom Username)



  i-Pctv's 6,000 Live TV Channels             
Pay: $22.14 for every successful conversion 
Click Here to Visit Website

Your Pay Code Link:


(Replace the "yourpaydotcomname" with your Paydotcom Username)


  Best Debt Relief Program by Dale Rosenthal   
Pay: $15.85 for every successful conversion 
Click Here to Visit Website 

Your Pay Code Link:


(Replace the "yourpaydotcomname" with your Paydotcom Username)